Shibuya Kaho to make her debut as a voice-over artist

While some people have a clear idea about what they want to do in life, there are those who go through various careers until they find what they truly love. In the end, it is passion that truly helps people excel at what they do. Shibuya Kaho is a woman who has always followed her heart. After gaining a great deal of success in various ventures, she is now set to make her debut as a professional voice-over artist.

Shibuya Kaho grew up watching anime and manga which forms a major part of Japan’s culture. She loved bringing various characters from video games, anime, manga, comics and pop-culture to life, thus she ended up becoming a renowned professional cosplayer. Recently she had started experimenting with voice acting and is now ready to commence her career as a professional voice over artist. Shibuya explained, “I’ve always loved cosplaying. I wanted to take things to the next level, hence the most logical choice was focusing on voice overs. Now I can dress up as my favorite characters and sound like them too!” Not only would this compliment her cosplaying, but it would serve as excellent opportunity to explore a career which is so closely connected to what she loves.

Shibuya is an accomplished professional, having garnered fame, fortune and a global fan base that loves her. Over several years she has worked as a news reporter, author, cosplayer, popular YouTuber, English teacher and a Japanese-English translator. Kaho has reached a point in her life and career, where she only wants to pursue things that mean something to her. Shibuya has earned her opportunity to venture into voice-acting as well. She went through due process and gave several auditions. Seeing great potential in her, she was selected and thus her journey into voice-acting is well under way.

Shibuya has a massive fan following both online and off. She has won several accolades as an actor and has also been featured on famous Japanese TV shows like God Tongue and Jikkuri Kiitaro, with several appearances on Fuji TV as well. Given that she is no stranger to the lime light, she is confident and hopeful that people will enjoy her voice acting debut. Currently, Kaho has retired from the adult film industry and is concentrating on mainstream media. She is focusing on her voice acting career along with her upcoming book release. Commenting on her journey thus far, Shibuya added, “I’ve always chosen to follow my passion. I’ve had the opportunity to work in various capacities. Voice-acting is something I’ve always wanted to do, and now I can finally delve deeper into it.”

Shibuya Kaho has always stood out from the crowd. Her professional career is as varied as it is successful. She is indeed the jack of all trades, having mastered them all. Despite becoming a global icon, she continues to grow, diversify and expand her skillsets. Given her impressive track record, we are certain that she will raise the bar as a voice actor as well.