Shilpa Shinde Feels Bigg Boss 13 Is Scripted; Asks Makers Why's Sidharth Getting VIP Treatment!

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Bigg Boss 11 winner Shilpa Shinde has been following the current season closely. The actress is often seen putting forward her views about the Bigg Boss 13 contestants. She has been supporting Asim Riaz. Recently, when Hina Khan entered the house for Elite Club task, Shilpa was seen praising her for making right decision of not selecting Mahira Sharma for the task. Now, the actress has made a few shocking statements on Bigg Boss and Siddharth Shukla!

Shilpa Shinde Feels Bigg Boss 13 Is Scripted

Just like many viewers, even Shilpa feels that the makers are biased towards Sidharth. She also feels that the show is scripted as the makers are not following any rules which were set by themselves.

In an interview to TOI, Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain actress revealed why she feels the show is scripted. She mentioned that the makers are sending contestants out and then bringing them back according to their convenience - Sidharth was out for more than a week and he resumed the show later. She added that in the previous season this was not the case - if the contestant was hurt or fell ill, they had to leave the show.

Why Is Sidharth Shukla Getting VIP Treatment?

Also, she mentioned that the contestants this season are allowed to talk in English, they are also seen sleeping, bashing and beating people, which are all against Bigg Boss rules. Shilpa also pointed out that Sidharth is being served food in foil paper, while rest of the housemates have to eat the normal food and asked the makers as to why he is getting VIP Treatment. She feels that the makers are favouring Sidharth which is ridiculous.

Makers Are Making Mockery Of Contestants’ Personal Lives

The actress added that she against how the makers are making mockery of contestants' personal lives. She feels that the makers are purposely making contestants feel disgusted by the hands of superstars like Rohit Shetty and Salman Khan.

Shilpa Says….

Shilpa was quoted by TOI as saying, "First, they did it with Rashami, then Arhaan and now Paras. I never liked Paras previously, but hat's off to him how he challenged and spoke for himself. You need guts to stand-up for yourself. The makers have no right to bring contestant's personal life on the show and humiliate them in such a way. They are making Salman Khan do this and that too without giving him the right information."

‘I Know Sidharth Very Well Personally’

Further, the Bigg Boss 11 winner revealed that she knows Sidharth personally and he has anger issues. She added that the makers made him win Khatron Ke Khiladi and will now give him both 'trophy and toffee'.

Shilpa told the leading daily, "I know Sidharth very well personally. We have been family friends and I have seen him at family functions and weddings. I know him personally he has anger issues. He gets angry at the drop of a hat and can fight with people walking on the streets. He also has a lot of ego issues. I have seen him personally, seen him getting out of police case. I know him very well. He likes people obeying his orders or follow his instructions. When someone goes against his wish he gets mad at them. It has happened with Asim, till the time he was doing what Sidharth was saying he was in his good books. When he started doing things on his own, Sidharth could not take it."

Shilpa Wants To See Asim & Shehnaz As Top Two Contestants

She supported Asim and wants him and Shehnaz Gill as the top two contestants. She also added that Rashami Desai is acting in the show and she is not what she is portraying inside the house.

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