Shilpa Shinde: I Got ALMOST MARRIED TWICE, 1st Guy Took Me For Granted, 2nd Suffocated Me!

The beautiful Shilpa Shinde has been in the news recently about whether she wants to get married or not. Arshi Khan jumped the gun when she (falsely) propagated that Shilpa had told her that she would NEVER marry.

Like often, hear it from the horse's mouth on

Says Shinde, "Well, I would have been married now if..." she trailed off.

If, what? "If I hadn't saved myself in time," she replied rather softly.

Elaborate, Shilpa. "In the first case, I realised that the man in question (read Romit Raj) was taking me for granted.

Romit Raj

In the second case, I felt that I was getting suffocated. That guy was getting too possessive."

And who was the second man, we asked? Shilpa laughed, "Ab woh main nahin bataungi," and then quickly added, "Why not focus on the fact that I am so happy now?"

Shilpa Shinde Poses For A Photoshoot

Saved in the nick of time on both occasions? "Yeah, you can say that," she concluded.

For those who've come in late, we brought you another BIG NEWS on Shilpa this evening. The lady has withdrawn her sexual harassment case which she had filed (in March, last year) against the Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai producer, Sanjay Kohli.

romit raj
shilpa shinde poses for a photoshoot
shilpa shinde

Image Source: Instagram/ shilpa_shinde_official/ Twitter/ Romit Raj