Shivalika Trikha, a super model, is now setting her foot in Bollywood with her debut

From modelling to Bollywood, Shivalika Trikha is grabbing every opportunity to escalate her skills and her talent. Jessica White, an American model, rightly said, “Modelling, It’s being an artist as well. It’s just being a silent artist. It takes a lot of self-control and a lot of discipline.” Shivalika has proved her worth and now ready to make a debut into the Bollywood film industry.

She had joined the modelling industry at a very young age and have been a great influencer on her social media handles to many aspiring women. Shivalika is not only known for her contribution in the modelling world but she has also been a talent assistant for one of the most famous and versatile actors in the Bollywood industry, Ranveer Singh. Working with him, was an educational experience for her. It was her chance to be a close part in this industry and to learn as much as she could from the best of people. She had also been an assistant to the expert director Mukesh Chhabra. She is now going to make her debut in a Bollywood. Her journey from modelling to her debut in the Bollywood industry has been exemplary.

Before entering into the Bollywood, she had pursued her acting course in one of the most famous and versatile acting schools across the globe-“ Strasberg Theatre and film institute.” This school has been a guiding light to some of the most creative actor in the business, namely, Ranbir Kapoor, Scarlett Johansson, Alpacino, etc. This proves her dedication and her solemnity towards her passion. Shivalika has been recognized not only in India but also in other countries like the New York, due to her work ethics and her admirable efforts.

As humble a human being she is, she never missed out an opportunity. She travels a lot and believes in exploring the world and understanding the art and culture of every new nation. She has been to more than a hundred and eight countries as of yet. At this young age, being able to make such journeys can be extremely intimidating to many individuals. But to her, it was all a part of her learning process and initiating a grow in her social world. She has been posting pictures and blogs about her travel diaries. He fan base on social media handles are just overwhelming.

Being a super model and an influencer is not at a bed of roses. She has to maintain her fitness, look pretty and maintain her professionalism at all points of her life. Shivalika has been an inspiration to many young and ambitious models across the globe. It is rightly said that modelling is not only about the pretty face, it needs courage and talent to walk the ramp and take up this profession. Her collaborations with so many Bollywood stars has given her a chance to prove to the world that she is more than just a model and a travel blogger. Being a female and as young as Shivalika is, the struggle is real. She must be recognized as an individual who has made herself worthy of all the praises.

Shivalika would soon be conceded as a great actress with her debut. Her expedition, her knowledge and her enchanting presence has been much acknowledged on the internet as well as the real world. She has been in a collaboration with many brands and have worked for them in a consistent manner. Shivalika keeps her fans updated and maintains her social platform in a manner that her fans and her followers are well aware of her professional as well as her personal whereabouts. Turning her dreams into reality, she is giving a her best to the entertainment world.