SHOCKING! Mujhse Shaadi Karoge Winner Aanchal Khurana Confesses, "Paras And I Are NOT A Couple, We Are Just Good Friends'- EXCLUSIVE

 The way Mujhse Shaadi Karoge started and shaped up, there was always a doubt about its authenticity. Shenaaz Gill showed zero interest in the male contestants and kept singing love poems for Sidharth Shukla. In fact, she even walked out of the finale ditching all the boys and saying her heart beats for Shukla. 

And now, when we got in touch with Aanchal Khurana, who Paras Chhabra chose as his partner /choice amonst the girls who were competing since 5 weeks, she told us that they are also merely friends. Surprised? Don't be, read her interview below to know what was Mujhse Shaadi Karoge all about! 

You got hospitalized immediately after the show. What went wrong?

I got major gastritis due to eating outside food. Inside the house, we were being served outside food and I don't eat too much outside, so the problem happened. When I was locked inside for this 10 days, I have puked twice and my stomach was upset irregularly. 

So, the day I won and came out of the show around 4 pm, I started throwing up and by 9 pm, I got major diarrhea. As I stay alone in Bombay, I called up my friend and she took me to the hospital. Doctor suggested that I get hospitalised for two days but same day at 5 pm, I was supposed to fly to Delhi. So, I thought it will be better to go home in Delhi and get myself treated, at least there will be someone who can take care of me.

How was the situation at airport?

It was fine as I took a domestic flight but still lot of check-ups were happening like body temperature, cold and stuff. The officials also did verification on which all countries and cities I have visited.

How are you feeling now?

I am feeling better. Just visiting my family doctor in morning and evening to get my antibiotics injections. Due to Coronavirus, I am avoiding  to get hospitalised. I am sleeping most of the time, there is a lot of weakness. 

Let's talk about the show now, Paras choose you as a suitor in 10 days time. Were you expecting that?

I believe in law of attraction and that's why my thinking was quite positive towards Mujhse Shaadi Karoge. In fact, during my previous reality show, I had the same mindset and won that show as well. But I won't lie- somewhere in my mind I also had that it will be impossible to make a connection with Paras in such a short span of time, especially when other girls were doing everything to impress him for last 5 weeks. 

Then what made him fall for you?

Because in my 10 days stay, I didn't pretend about anything. I was the way I am outside, using no sugar coated lines or show off like others. And it seems he must have liked that about me. Also we are very similar in nature. We can't fake on things and like to have unfiltered conversations.

So you and Paras are couple now?

No, we are very good friends that's what you can call us.

But wasn't Paras was holding his Swayamvar to find a life partner, not a good friend?

Iss show mein Swayamvar jaisa kuch tha hi nahi. Initially, I also thought Shehnaaz aur Paras ka Swayamvar ho raha hai when the show started. But when I entered the show, I realised it was more like a mini Bigg Boss combined with Spiltsvilla under the title of Mujhse Shaadi Karoge. Eventually that only happened- throughout the show, we were under one roof, fighting and trying to make connections and eventually two walked out as winners. 

What about the audience who has invested their time in watching the show and seeing you both as couple?

We have just walked out as good friends and I am being very clear on this. Main bhi dusro ki tarah fake kar sakti thi apne aapko uski girlfriend bulake ya apni engagement announce karke. Yaa phir kehkar ki he is not dating Mahira and stuff. But jhoot bolkar publicity lene ka koi matlab nahi hai.

The set up of the show was inside the Bigg Boss house only...

Yes and now I understand why contestants used to freak out and fight so much with each other. Believe me in those 10 days, I haven't slept properly for one night. Whenever I used to close my eyes, so many thoughts crossed my mind, on what all is going on in the house. If I am losing it or winning it. A kind of pressure is always there. Aagar maine kabhi Bigg Boss kar liya to I am sure wahan se baahar aane ke baad mujhe psychiatrist ko consult karna padega.

So, will you ever participate in Bigg Boss?

Definitely! After all that's my dream. When I got the offer for Mujhse Shaadi Karoge first thing I told my manager was agar maine ye kiya to kahin aisa na ho ye mujhe in future Bigg Boss mein na le. Kyunki mujhe vo karna hai. But when they assured me nothing of that sort will happen, I said yes to this show.

But you have to fight a lot in that controversial show to sustain, will you be able to do that?

See here I was keeping myself calm as I knew that it's not Bigg Boss. This is a love show where I have to focus on making a connection. Isliye jo mujhe galat prove karne ki bhi koshish kar raha tha, I was not giving them back as main yahan Paras ko prove karne aayi hoon. Kisi aur ko kyun prove karu? But if I participate in that show, you will see how I stand up for myself .

You think Shehnaaz ditching boys for Sidharth Shukla in the finale episode and walking out was right on her part?

It was a very good decision which she has taken. But agar main uski jagah hoti to ye decision pehle ya dusre din hi le leti, finale episode ka wait nahi karti. Agar aap kisi aur ko pyaar karte ho to kisi aur ke saath connection banane ka matlab hi nahi banta.

Paras' love affairs also made headlines. You were not reluctant to make connection with him?

Paras is very much vocal about all his relationships. Not just the one I read in news but he has discussed his affairs of Class 9th and 10th also with us. And he is not an exception, we all have girlfriends and boyfriends in life. It is just we are not comfortable discussing it with everyone. Like I am into this industry from last 9 years but no media article on my affair details have come out as I like to keep my personal life private. But Paras is very much Okay discussing it and that's what I really like about him. But people take it otherwise and have tagged him with names like 'Sanskari Play Boy'.

Are you and Paras in touch since the time you have come out?

Yes, he called me. In fact, Paras follows astrology and has knowledge. Looking at my health situation he told me, "Aanchal, your time will be good after September, but till then your health can give you some problem, so please take care of it."

Your parents would have been okay if you married Paras on the show? 

Before I entered MSK, I was in Delhi for one and a half month. My mother was convincing me to get married and I was also okay. But I told her to look at a guy who is based in Mumbai so that I don't have to leave the industry and in that process this show came to me. So, I told my mother that Paras is a Delhi guy and now living in Mumbai. He is from the industry so he will understand my work. So, let me go and try! If we like each other and feel the connection, we  will get married in front of you guys and if not, we will come out as a good friends. And we did come out as very good friends.

Image Source:- Instagram/iaanchalkhurana/parasvchhabrra

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