You can now shop at Primark online (sort of!)

You can now shop Primark online, but not through the company itself [Photo: Getty]

Loyal Primark fans have come to accept that shopping the new collections means schlepping to your local store. But now there’s a way to get your hands on the high street chain’s tempting wares without actually leaving the house.

While Primark’s own website doesn’t allow you to buy those new season wants online, Amazon has stepped in to enable you to access the virtual offerings through third-party sellers.

As long as you have Prime, you can shop men’s and women’s clothing and nightwear by Primark’s in-store brand Atmosphere.

Under ‘novelty and special-use’ you’ll find find bras, socks, and all that Harry Potter merch you’ve had your eye on, the new ‘Friends’ collections are there too, and many of the retailer's Disney ranges are available including its Christmas baubles, and beauty products.

The best bit? Next day delivery is available on many of the products, so you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on those need-nows.

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Shopping in Primark just got a whole lot easier, yet more expensive [Photo: Getty]

The only downside is the price. As regular customers will likely testify, Primark is well-known for its reasonable pricing and the price of the goods available via third parties on Amazon are somewhat inflated.

Primark’s official line on the higher pricing is as follows: “We do not have a commercial partnership with Amazon and any Primark products which appear on the site are being re-sold by third parties, at higher prices. We encourage our customers to visit us in our stores to find the best value.”

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So it seems being able to shop all the Primark goods without leaving the house comes as a bit of a price.

Still, if you can’t face the crowds, it’s worth knowing you might still be able to land a Primark haul, it’ll just cost you a few extra bucks.