Boosting the E-Commerce’s Impact on Worldwide Merchants

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Businesses and Individuals are facing unpredictable times to live in this Covid era. The uncertainty of the economy has impacted all merchants around the world. One pivotal factor that can be utilised for success is the continuous evolution of technology.

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The presence of e-commerce platforms is helping businesses to grow with the support of technology, such as improvements in internet connectivity, security payments gateways and widespread consumer and business adoption. These innovative measures will lay the foundation for resilience and continued success in the years to come. Merchants face so much effort in getting a customer through the door, especially a virtual one. Producing a first-class customer experience and meeting their needs, is often the fundamental condition of differentiation for merchants facing increased competition. Even the top ranked merchants with impressive profit margins, understand that their survival in this ruthless industry is dependent on the customers.

Shop2fun Launching Promo.

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The Shop2fun project has been thoughtfully constructed to provide evolution and development to the merchants. The platform, Shop2fun, aims to connect merchants globally. The main objective is to develop global merchants from local small and medium business owners. Subsequently, this will drive innovation and foster the prosperity of local economies. It enables people to connect from different parts of the world, understand local culture and realise market needs will help to build a genuine portfolio.

With the educational program, global presence in over 25 countries, merchants will grasp the fundamentals of ecommerce, how it provides value to various industries and how to create an online business profile. Through the educational program with the support of the company's own online channel and extensive support from brand promoters, merchants

will be educated with freeboot and online materials. The Shop2fun platform is already operational in over 25 countries, with well trained and skilled 2750 Independent Sales Associates. The Independent Sales Associates are going to support local merchants, ensuring small and medium businesses feel comfortable and confident about making online business profiles, enlisting their products and creating their own global brand.

The platform supports standard worldwide fiat payments and crypto- currency, such as Bitcoin and more. For those countries that have implemented crypto into many diverse Business to Customer and Business to Business transactions, the merchants will have access to the Connecting Crypto payment processor. The project has 35 millions of ready crypto users who can use their crypto assets on the platform.

Conclusion: project has been designed with the mantra of supporting merchants globally, as they are the driving force of the venture. Shop2funglobal Limited, a Uk registered company, reg:13186491, VAT: 372251805, materialise through extensive market research, whereby highly experienced management team, recognised the values of providing customers with products and services, helping worldwide merchants to become a successful global online business.