Shopping apps shed 94% of new customers in first month: report


Going shopping? There’s plenty of apps for that. But 93.5 per cent of consumers quit making purchases after 30 days, according to a new report.

Mobile customer retention specialists CleverTap looked at data from 18 million devices and 15 million unique users, and found shopping apps rapidly fall out of favour once installed.

The California-based analytics firm found shopping apps cling to 6.5 per cent of new users who make transactions after four weeks. That figure falls to 1.4 per cent after three months.

Transaction trends. (CleverTap)

Only 16 per cent of new users complete the signup process within a week of installing the app, and 42 per cent of new users hit uninstall after 30 days.

“Our research indicates that e-commerce brands are losing customers faster than acquiring them,” Almitra Karnik, CleverTap’s head of marketing, wrote in a news release on Wednesday. “The cut-throat competition in the e-commerce industry makes it crucial for brands to deliver a superior customer experience.”

The report found e-commerce apps are launched by users an average of six times per month.

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