Should you buy a black coloured car?

Harrier dark edition

Henry Ford famously said that his customers can choose any colour they want as long as it’s black. So that brings us to the question, should you buy a black coloured car?

Let's look at the pros and cons. In India, white is the most preferred colour, but in other countries, such as the UK, black is amongst the most popular. Black colour has in-fact started to vanish from the car makers’ palette in India. However, rather uniquely black is now celebrated via special editions now.

Black as a colour in India may not be the most preferred choice due to superstition or the fact that it is more difficult to maintain. A bigger reason could be that in such a hot and humid country like India, black absorbs heat and this is a big reason why it is not popular.

Or is it?

Black, despite its cons, has plenty of upsides and chief amongst them is that it looks stunning. No doubt, black enhances the look of the car and makes it look more elegant.

S-Class India

A black car looks shinier and it can be called as the 'power colour'. Black is often synonymous with power, respect and style. All of the world's most important people, including our own PM Narendra Modi, have a black car and — India’s most important person is driven around in a black Land Cruiser and Range Rover. His convoy comprises only all-black cars.

Thus, black does get special attention these days, with car manufacturers like Tata launching the Harrier in a special black colour with added black design elements. Jeep also did the same with the Compass recently.

So should you buy a black car? Well, it may not be the most practical but no doubt it makes your car look better and stand out. One thing is fore sure, black does have a progressively increasing fan following.