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Salman Khan (Age: 53 years)

Even during his fledgling years in the film industry, Salman came across as one singularly focused on his body. He has also been instrumental in inspiring and training several other Bollywood stars, the chief among them being Hrithik Roshan during his pre-'Kaho Na Pyar Hai' days. A point to note: Salman's body has witnessed many transformations over the years, from lean and sinewy in his younger days to a bulkier, more in-your-face iteration currently.

Shredded! Current Bollywood actors with the best physiques

From the time Dharmendra became Bollywood’s first male lead to divest himself of his shirt on screen (in ‘Phool aur patthar’, over 50 years ago), the film industry’s obsession with perfect bodies has only grown. Here we look at some contemporary male stars touted to have the best physiques in the business.