Here’s all about Shubhaavi Choksey’s appetite and dietary needs!

Tapasvi Vibhute
·1-min read

Fitness is something all artists have to adhere to for being able to justify their roles on screen. actress Shubhaavi Choksey who is a big foodie in real life reveals her food routine and secrets to maintain the hot-bod which is the prime requisite for all the actresses in todays generation.

I start my day with?

Literally praying to God , thanking him and then I have my bottle of water ..

My Guilty pleasure?

Well I cannot choose between Food, Movies & Shopping … Depends entirely on my mood

The vegetable I hate the most?

Karela – sorry to use such a strong word but I truly hate karela

One favourite food item which is also included in my daily routine?

Rice : like hello I am a Mangalorean and I cannot function without fish & rice haha

One item that I wait the whole week to have?

I don’t wait I have it… If I have indulged myself in something I shouldn’t have then I’ll go burn it put by walking or dancing or playing badminton – Simple

One Food item I learnt from my mother?

Unfortunately I never cooked before I got married … So it would be my second mother i.e my mother in law … To begin with it would be chai : nice masala wala with lemon grass and adrak Full Desi style

One food item I indulge incessantly into, on my cheat days?

The list is endless … Gooey chocolate brownie, The Nama chocolate from Royce, Lindt white chocolate truffles , Mummy ke haath ka sheera , Home made gulab jamun, Basundi, Rabdi with jalebi…aal pua, Firni