Shweta Tiwari��s Daughter Palak Encouraged Her To Do Intimate Scenes With Akshay Oberoi, ‘My Daughter Said, Do It Like A 2019 Actress’- EXCLUSIVE

Actress Shweta Tiwari has finally made her digital debut with ALTBalaji's Hum Tum And Them opposite Akshay Oberoi. In no time, the jodi of Shiva and Yudi has managed to gain eyeballs. Their romance on the show is also being highly discussed. Plus for the first time, we are getting to see Shweta doing some bold scenes on-screen. Yesterday, we got an opportunity to chat with these lovely actors who had lots more to reveal about the show and themselves.

The two were quite excited to address the questions thrown at them. The interview started with Shweta speaking about her co-star Akshay who is playing father to three young kids, "The first time I saw him in his look test I was like 'Haaye, aisa mat karo is bacche ke saath. Kahan hai woh bulao usse. Thodasa uska grey hair kam kardo. I in fact went up to Akshay and asked him ‘Why are you doing this to yourself?’.” WATCH VIDEO BELOW:

On the other hand, Akshay states that he always wanted to do a character which not many people would agree to do instantaneously. To this, Shweta also added that "he does his scenes too seriously. Sometimes when I used to feel that it’s such a blah scene, he used to enact it so interestingly that it would make you feel wow".

Akshay who was on cloud nine on receiving compliments from Shweta as he said, "Yeh pehla compliment jo mujhe Shweta ne diya hai, yeh sunkar mera seena chauda hogaya hai".

Next, Shweta spoke about how she had lots of mood swings while shooting for those intimate scenes, "All these people have tolerated me so much on set. I used to leave the sets and lock myself inside the vanity and cry saying ‘I can't do it’. When the script came to me, there were kisses mentioned in it. I discussed this with my daughter Palak and she told me ‘anyway, you are getting bored with acting and want to leave this job. So 90's ki heroine bankar chhodne se kya faayda, current heroine bankar chhodo na'. So, I also got convinced thinking what’s the big deal about kissing someone on-screen. But when I came on set and I saw there is choreography for the scene, I thought what’s happening. I used to go cry and when I used to return on sets, I would see Akshay folding his hands and ask if I’m ready. I used to reply ‘Yes but please give me two minutes’. He was very cooperative and he really helped me. And I think if it would have not been Akshay, I may have not been able to do such scenes on screen".

The duo truly believes in second chances in love as they said, "Filmon mein hota tha yeh sab pyaar ek baar hota hai. Society follows what we show to them and this is the time when people are not just stuck on two flowers shown as symbol of romance".

Getting bold onscreen is not a crime, says Shweta, "People who complain about what bold and intimate scenes are they showing are the same people who go on Netflix and watch shows that are filled with intimacy. For example, in Game Of Thrones there is so much nudity but it is loved by the viewers. In fact, there are people who take it as a pride that they have seen Game Of Thrones. But when in our country, we show any intimate scene, they start sending disturbing messages on social media. People have written ‘Teri beti kya samjhegi’ but let me tell them ‘Meri beti ne hi bola hai Mom go for it’.”

With netizens comes the topic of social media trolling, to which Akshay says that he loves to get trolled, "I love it when people troll me. As I feel aapki popularity badh rahi hai and the memes especially. Like, people have started making memes of Shweta from the show where she is saying 'Meri maa behen ek kardi'. 

Shweta's comeback has proved to be a good one as her character of Guneet is also being appreciated in her TV show Mere Dad Ki Dulhan. So, the actress says “I decided to quit acting when people used to come with concepts to me as after hearing them, I used to feel Sanyas lelu. And then Hum Tum and Them came which I found extremely interested so I decided to do it.”

Shweta who is playing mother on both her ongoing shows says she has no qualms in playing a mom on-screen. She says, "I played dadima when I was 25 on-screen in Kasautii Zindagii Kay so ab kya sochna ki log kya sochenge".

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