Shweta Tiwari’s Estranged Husband Abhinav Kohli Says ‘My Son Is Missing’, Claims Shweta Took Reyansh To An ‘Undisclosed Location’

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Shweta Tiwari had tested positive for COVID-19 last month after which she reportedly sent her son Reyansh to live with his father Abhinav Kohli. Shweta’s daughter Palak stayed with her, and maintained social distancing at home. Now, Shweta’s estranged husband Abhinav Kohli has claimed that while Reyansh was with him for 40 days, since last Sunday, Shweta took Reyansh to an undisclosed location without informing him. He said that his son has been missing and that he hasn’t seen Reyansh or heard his voice since 5 days.

While speaking to the Times Of India, Abhinav said, “Since Sunday (October 25), my son Reyansh has been missing. I don't know where he is. He was with me for 40 days all the time. But since last Sunday, Shweta has taken my son, Reyansh to an undisclosed location without telling me.” He further added that he has been chasing Shweta since last Sunday, but the actress is neither meeting him, nor is she taking his calls. He said that he tried every possible way, and even went to her sets.

“I went to her sets as well with the expectation that maybe she is ignoring me, but at least I will get to see my son. I recorded the video also to keep a proof of our recording, but she did not tell me anything. My message was also passed to her on her sets but she didn't respond and vanished with the baby,” he said.

Shweta Tiwari had reportedly filed a complaint last year against her husband Abhinav Kohli and had accused him of domestic violence.

Image Source: Instagram/abhinav.kohli024/ shweta.tiwari

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