Shy The Game Changer... Period!

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North Carolina artist, but live in New York Shy the artist is an ambitious and a game changer ready to shake the room. He's inspired to write music from heavy influencers like Tupac, Biggie, Jay-z, and Shy The Game Changer... Period! Nicki Minaj at a young age, and since then he’s gotten recognition from many artists and DJs across the states and seen interviewed on different platforms (Blu Diaz, DJ Self, DJ Swanny, and Trina), Winning showcases for underground independent artist and blog placements. He says his main objectives are changing the stereotypes for the hip hop culture and go over and beyond with limits that are put on what they say can’t be achieved for artist like himself.

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The things people talk about most when it comes to Shy the artist are his versatility and Style. From Trap to pop, he can pull off any hot 16 and make his own lane and turn something simple into a bop, and he’s always working on new projects because he believes staying consistent is relevant. He has singles out, and can be heard on different artist singles as well but working on a highly anticipated EP that he says feel like an album, he dropped singles like ”Back in my bag” constantly and on different mixtapes from his hometown. The reason he’s able to make so much music in a short time is because he is passionate about his craft. He always was this way and not afraid to take constructive criticism.

His upcoming Project, a multiple-track Ep entitled “Trust the process” was his take on down south trap genre of hip-hop with a twist of his own that’s been heard for years. He credits Nicki Minaj as his main inspiration: “If a female could come in the game level headed and breaking chains on what someone can or can’t do and goes toe to toe with the best, why can’t I? It’s not that she’s complicated to work with she knows her worth and know her talent can’t be duplicated and I’m all for it. Shy the artist just came in the game and already making a buzz with his creativity and talent you’ll be impressed what’s in store next for him and years to come.

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