Sidharrth Sipani Says Number Of Followers Is A Crude Way To Measure Popularity: ‘That Number Can Be Inflated Easily’- EXCLUSIVE

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Nowadays, fame and stardom seem to be analyzed by the number of followers that you have on social media and actor Sidharrth Sipani says that it is not right. The actor, who will soon be seen in the web film Fariha, says that it is easy to show a fake number of followers today. “Social media has become part of our lives and at this point, we cannot even imagine the world without different social media channels. With regards to the number of followers, I feel that today that is the only visible indicator of popularity. The number of followers is a very crude measure of anything. Using automated tactics that number can be inflated very easily and so in and of itself is fairly meaningless,” he says.

While there is a notion that people emulate their favourite stars blindly on social media, Sidharrth says that the audience is mature enough to distinguish between right and wrong. “I don’t think following anyone can have bad effects on anyone. Blaming others for your conduct is shifting the responsibility of your action on others, and that is a sign of immaturity,” he says.

A lot of times celebrities are accused of being fake on social media. However, Sidharrth says that what one posts on social media is a very personal choice and people like posting happy images.

“As an actor, I believe we choose to be out in public. Some people do take it to the extreme though. We’re taught at an early age to smile in front of the camera. So, I think in a way we were programmed to only share the happy, perfect moments on our social media. Maybe it’s not all fake, but rather just a small glimpse into someone’s world. Very small,” he says, adding, “Although I feel, it should be real, be you. You don't need to feel the pressure. Fans need to have a daily sneak peek at your life. That is it. It's that simple having a coffee or looking at sunset click and post.”

Image source: Instagram/thesidharrthsipani

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