Sierra Coleman Ministries Provides the Lost and Broken in Life With a Second Chance in Life

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Fort Worth, Texas / January 2021: When 2020 arrived, people were expecting another ordinary year with plans of traveling, opening businesses, and taking on new challenges. No one could have predicted the many tragedies that would follow January. With one major event following the other and a pandemic forcing cities into lockdown, many people fell into depression. Sierra Coleman is an individual who has been doing her part to bring people out of their struggle and meet God through her ministry, the Sierra Coleman Ministries.

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Sierra Coleman is the founder of the establishment, which serves as a prophetic place that bridges man to meet God. It is a ministry that thrives on breakthrough, supernatural experiences, and the blessings of God. Founded in 2018, Coleman has been working to heal others and deliver them from drugs, sickness, and depression.

The ministry was born from Coleman’s pain and struggles. Before creating the church, Sierra Coleman was heading towards a dark path. She was a former drug addict who frequently checked into rehab, entered dysfunctional relationships, joined gangs, and regularly went into mental institutions. For most outsiders, Coleman was a lost cause who was wasting her youth and potential. However, not everyone thought the same way.

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The young Coleman was given a chance to turn her life around when someone reached out to her and introduced her to Christ. There she found peace and an opportunity to do for others what Jesus had done for her. Coleman decided to create the Sierra Coleman Ministry to help others lost in their way, fighting off addiction and depression and introducing them to Jesus. She wanted to build a base of encouragement to show people that they have a choice and that life can change and go beyond.

Since creating the Sierra Coleman Ministries, Coleman has demonstrated the power of God in the lives of many. As a younger generation with a heavy supernatural presence, God has been using them to be a blessing to the world. The ministry has formed partnerships from Africa to India and continues to grow as they reach out to every nation. They have become an international ministry called up by God to help guide people on their path to success, learning more about who they are in spirit and who God has ordained for them to be.

While other ministries operate in a mechanical, routine manner, the Sierra Coleman Ministries operate in liberty with unpredictableness. So long as the calling of God guides them, Coleman and her fellow believers act with liberty. During their fellowships, they pray over people to ask God for help in marriage, relationships, jobs, finances, and more. Each meeting, people share their testimonies of how God has answered them through the ministry.

When the pandemic set in, Sierra Coleman continued to uphold its mission, helping many get through their struggles and encountering God in the safety of their own homes. She is hopeful that her ministry will carry out its mission to travel to each nation once the crisis subsides and open other ministries worldwide.

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