Signs You’re as Obsessed with Taking Photos as Kareena Kapoor

If you love a good camera and a good pout just as much as birthday girl Kareena Kapoor Khan, we bet you'll definitely relate to this video.

You’re Never Happy With Just One Pic

I prefer this profile.

You are your photographer friend’s worst nightmare. You’ll get them to take a hundred photos of you till you find that one perfect “DP worthy” pic. You don’t stop posing till you are satisfied.

You Stress About Repeating an Outfit That Has Been Seen on Social Media

You always need more clothes because you’re always on social media. 

With social media archiving what you wore and when, you take a lot more time to choose your OOTD and that’s only because you don’t want to be caught repeating an outfit.

You Take a Moment to Fix Your Hair Every Time the Camera Is on You

Bad hair day should never mean a bad photo! 

When you get photographed, you always style your hair in a way that it doesn’t cover half your face.

Getting Clicked With Someone Taller Is a Serious Problem

Sometimes even heels don’t help! 

Unless it’s a selfie, you don’t like being in the same frame with someone taller than you. Even though you know that you’re short, you don’t like it when the pictures tell you that.

You Love It When Friends Put Pics and Videos of You on Their Social Media

Post it! 

Your friends also love posting your videos and pictures on their social media because you do all things crazy to keep them and their followers entertained. You never shy away from the camera and you secretly know that the camera loves you too.

You Love Being Photographed

Hey! I’m camera ready.

You have your pout game on point, you angle yourself for that perfect shot, you know exactly how to pose... basically, you know everything about the art of being photographed.

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