Salon offers ‘silent’ haircut for people who hate small talk

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
Would you opt for a silent salon treatment? [Photo: Getty]

We’ve all been there: settled down for a three-hour session of foils, a cut and a blow-dry, determined not to engage in small talk.

Yet, more often than not, our British sensibilities fail us, meaning we feel compelled to chat about the weather rather than kick back with a magazine.

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Of course, there are those of us – generally, extroverts – who love a bit of energising salon seat chatter, but for others it just feels draining and a little bit awkward.

Thankfully, one UK salon has come up with the answer: silent hairdressing.

Not Another Salon, based in London, offers clients the option of a “silent” service.

Those looking for a trim, a treatment or a completely new look can crack on with whatever they would like to do without the fear of small talk interrupting.

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Sophia Hilton, owner of Not Another Salon told Cosmopolitan UK: “In order for us to be a true non judgment company we need to consider all our clients needs. With mental health issues on the rise, feeling comfortable to say when you need time out couldn't be more important.”

Don’t live in London? Not Another Salon’s not the only place to offer the service: the pioneers over at Bauhaus salons in Cardiff have been offering the (well-intentioned) silent treatment since 2015.

The owners of these salons aren’t the first to recognise the need for a silent service option.

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Earlier this year, one Uber driver went viral after creating a conversation menu to provide customers with when they get into his car.

The “Ride type menu” offers five different ride options, from the “stand up” to the “therapy”. There is also a “silent ride” option for those who would just prefer some quiet.