Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka Spoiler: Mouli Gets Drunk; Dances With Kunal; Gets To Know She's Pregnant

Nagarathna A

The makers of Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka are keeping the viewers glued to the show with the latest track. As the viewers are aware, Mouli gets to know about Nandini and Kunal's extra-marital affair and decides to divorce Kunal. But because of Dida, the couple is bound to stay together. While Mouli is extremely hurt and unable to forget that she was betrayed by her husband and best friend; Kunal doesn't want to hurt or leave Nandini. He also doesn't want to hurt Mouli and Dida and hence promises that he won't meet Nandini again.
But the duo get caught in a restaurant, as Mouli goes to the same restaurant. Although Mouli hates Nandini for cheating her, Nandini decides to celebrate Mouli's birthday in a grand way. She takes Kunal's help and both of them organise for a grand birthday party for Mouli. The family members tell Mouli that Kunal has done the arrangements, as they too are unaware that Nandini has helped Kunal! Check out the upcoming twists on the show!

Mouli Gets Drunk & Dances With Kunal

At the birthday party, Mouli is extremely hurt and gets drunk. She asks Kunal to dance with her. Kunal is forced to dance with her, although he feels uncomfortable. While the duo is seen dancing together, their family cheer for them.

Mouli Spots Nandini At The Party & Gets Upset

Nandini enters the party. She hides and watches Kunal and Mouli dancing and feels bad. She leaves the party. Meanwhile, Mouli too spots Nandini at the party and gets upset.

She Visits Darga

Mouli leaves the party and later will be seen lashing out at Nandini. After the party, Mouli goes to 'darga' and cries her heart out in front of the God. During her visit, Mouli escapes and an accident!

Nandini & Moulana’s Plan

A chandelier is about to fall on her and the people gather around her. Apparently, this is Nandini and Moulana's plan to make her believe that there is someone who thinks good of her and hence she gets saved.

Mouli Is Pregnant

There are also reports which suggest that Mouli gets to know she is pregnant and is confused. Although she always wanted to start a family with Kunal, she is upset because of Kunal and Nandini's extra-marital relationship.

Will The Unborn Baby Change Kunal?

Well, it has to be seen whether the unborn baby bridges the bond between Kunal and Mouli? Or will Mouli decide to part ways from Kunal and plan to lead a new life with her baby? Stay locked to this space for the latest updates of the show.

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