Simi Garewal echoes Kangana Ranaut, says 'there should be public hanging of Nirbhaya's rapists'

Actor and TV Host Simi Garewal has echoed Kangana Ranaut's recent statement of public hangings of Nirbhaya's rapists. "I agree with Kangana. There should be a public hanging of the criminal rapists. Set an example. Let it instill fear of the law," she tweeted.

Earlier in November'19, Garewal had suggested a publicized castration of the rapists. She had tweeted, "Let there be ONE public hanging of these criminals. Let there be ONE publicized castration. Then only will they fear the law. But here Nirbhaya's most cruel rapist of 17yrs 11mnths was rewarded!!! Given a new identity. Money. Freedom!!!"

Actor Kangana Ranaut earlier said that the rapists should be killed at the crossroads. She said, “Such people should be killed at the crossroads, they should be hanged there so that people get to know what rape is and what is the punishment for raping somebody. That mother and father are bearing the pain even after so many years of that incident. These people will be called from the High Court to the Supreme Court. What kind of society is this? Why should such people be killed silently? What example do you want to give to the society?”

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