Simon Kallu: Tap Into The Power Of Teamwork And Community

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“Teamwork and shared vision provide synergy,” Simon Kallu states. “When you are not the only one responsible for business innovation ideas, sales and marketing, and driving the business forward, you are unstoppable.

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When Simon founded GrowFactor in 2011, he was on a mission to put his clients first. His venture succeeded, and he now employs a tight-knit team of 20 financial experts, all working towards their common goal of unlocking their clients’ full potential. This united approach has empowered thousands to double their revenue by applying GrowFactor’s three-step system.

Establishing A Team Mentality Is Vital

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Referring to his colleagues as the ‘team’, Simon explains that a team is the making or breaking of a company and that investing in your staff is essential for success. He expands on this in his masterclass The Profit Game. By creating a shared culture and strong work community, Simon has grown his firm to a £3 million company, to the benefit of himself, his clients and the entire GrowFactor team.

The business coach recommends engaging staff by meeting regularly and involving them directly with the weekly planning and strategy making. Brainstorming with your team and hearing their ideas and goals empowers staff to form a group identity. This in turn galvanises the work force and motivates each employee to vigorously pursue the organisation’s goals.

While the GrowFactor team are all remote, they meet monthly for face-to-face strategy days in London and have multiple virtual meetings throughout the week. This high level of connectivity ensures that targets can be set and work can be delegated to deliver the best results.

Your team needs to be empowered to make quality decisions quickly, under a cultural framework,” said Simon. “A client may need an answer and the senior may be on leave. An unhappy client, for example, can get understanding and their issue resolved quickly, instead of waiting to be referred to a decision maker.”

Learn From Others To Get Ahead

Alongside a dedicated work community, Simon recommends tapping into a wider community of experts in your chosen field by joining a business network. Having an outside circle of peers to refer to and learn from turned out to be one of the keys to GrowFactor’s success.

Being part of a community means having access to support, guidance and insight into what has helped other people succeed or caused them to fail. It also provides a sounding board for new ideas and encourages creativity. Simon also sought advice from an experienced coach, and he feels this was instrumental in the rise of GrowFactor.

“When we joined a group coaching program, we got access to the world's best accountants, we saw their profit margins and their marketing strategies and they helped us understand what we were doing wrong,” said Simon. “This really was the missing piece for us. Having access to a coach and peers to give us a clear direction of travel.”

Human Connection Will Enrich Your Life And Your Career

Having seen the positive impact of being part of a business community, Simon decided to start his own. The Tribe is GrowFactor’s exclusive member’s club, connecting over 500 innovative business owners and professionals. This peer-to-peer learning network gives members access to GrowFactor’s online accountability group alongside training events and marketing opportunities.

Our struggles with loneliness during the pandemic have shown us how vital human interaction and connection is in all aspects of life. And when it comes to achieving your goals, Simon knows that success is not a solo exercise, but a team sport.

“Your team members are your most important asset but at the end of the day, your employees are humans!” said Simon. “They have goals and feelings too. If you invest time and energy into ensuring your staff are happy then you’ll assist your business.”

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