He is simple but very effective as Influencer – Rahul Kansal

rahul kansal

Delhi heart of India has given many famous faces till now in different fields. Now Delhi is going to give yet another face, this time from social media Tik Tok, which is one of the popular App in India. Many top talents are coming out and making there name as an influencer.

We spotted one fabulous talent who is very simple but very impressive. His videos do not carry any superbikes cars and all. But it brings creativity which has made him most loved celebrity from Delhi in Tik Tok we are talking about young, handsome and creative personality Rahul Kansal the name which has made a place in many hearts in past six months in India.

Rahul Kansal is a different talent, not conventional but instrumental guy. He has made some outstanding videos which have given him a good fan following in the last six months in Tik Tok and even in Instagram and all. His creativity is his USP. He doesn’t use bikes and all to impress people r say force people to see his videos. He is using his mind and creativity in his videos which have given him some real genuine followers on social media.

Many are telling Rahul Kansal to join B-town as he has that skill which can impress more people worldwide with his acting skills and even as a director. Yes, 15seconds videos don’t define a person’s quality, but it can give you a hint that this guy has something special in him. Rahul Kansal is receiving many offers from top brands as an influencer. But he doesn’t want to jump into it as he wants to be more responsible for selecting a brand as he wants to give something good to his followers and don’t want to cheat them by using his name.

Here’s wishing Rahul Kansal a new kind of influencer of social media all the best we hope he grows more in this field and get something useful for the future and motivate more people with this work.

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