The Simpsons to spoof Avengers Endgame, Kevin Feige and Russo Brothers guest star

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The Simpsons Avengers: Endgame
The Simpsons Avengers: Endgame

The Simpsons will spoof Avengers: Endgame.

Fox's long-running animated comedy series The Simpsons will soon air an episode with Avengers theme. Now that Disney owns Fox (and by extension The Simpsons IP), we will see more parodies of popular Disney properties.

The 31st season of The Simpsons will have an episode titled, Bart the Bad Guy, which has Bart Simpsons catching a screening for the latest movie in the Vindicator film franchise based on the comic-books (like a certain multi-billion dollar franchise we know from the real world).

Watch the trailer here:

The best part about the episode is, the Marvel Cinematic Universe architect Kevin Feige, the directors of the last two Avengers movies Russo Brothers and Cobie Smulders (S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill) have lent their voices.

Feige plays the role of the villanous Chinnos, a Thanos-ish supervillain (complete with an outsize chin). Chinnos wants to destroy the Earth and rebuild it as a utopia by using the doomsday app on his phone. Avengers-ish superheroes attack him, only to be repulsed by the force-field surrounding him.

The poster
The poster

The poster of The Simpsons inspired by Avengers movies.

After watching the movie, Bart begins some villainy of his own by threatening to reveal spoilers and blackmailing people. Here is where Anthony and Joe Russo come in. They play the role of movie executives who do everything they can to keep the film's finale under wraps.

Cobie Smulders will play the role of the superhero Hydrangea. Taran Killam. Cobie's real-life husband joins him as the superhero Airshot.


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