Singer Akon is all set to launch a city named after him in Senegal

Grammy-winning singer Akon has announced that the paperwork has been signed to launch Akon City, a city named after him, in Senegal.

The Senegalese-American musician earlier discussed his plans for Akon City and he took to Twitter on Tuesday to make things official.

"Just finalized the agreement for AKON CITY in Senegal. Looking forward to hosting you there in the future," Akon, 46, captioned the photo in which he posed with Senegalese officials on Monday.

According to Billboard, Akon City will apparently be the country's first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) city, which will be a short drive from an international airport and will use its own cryptocurrency, Akoin, also named after the singer.

The city will be built on 2,000 acres of land gifted to Akon from the President of Senegal. The singer was born in St Louis, Missouri but is of Senegalese descent, and he spent significant parts of his childhood in the country.

The city will feature colleges, schools, an airport and sports stadium.

In 2014, Akon took a big step away from his music career with the Akon Lighting Africa project, which brought electricity to 15 countries in Africa.

He is also behind Konfidence Foundation, which aims to provide support to underprivileged youth.

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