Singer Nandlal Chhanga Gets Nostalgic About His Holi Song ‘Rang Raas’ As It Completes 2 Years

Naveed Arshad
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The festival of colours, Holi is just a day away and the singers in our country have captured several moods of the festival with their songs. One of the popular and well-known singers Nandlal Chhanga came up with his own composition titled ‘Rang Raas’ on Holi in 2018. The singer got nostalgic about his song completing 2 years and thanked people for the love it received from everyone. Hailing from a Kutch, Gujarat, Nandlal always had his passion for music but he had no one in his family who was from the music background. With having more than 61K subscribers on his YouTube channel, the singer has gained immense popularity among everyone.

With Holi being one of his favourite festivals, he believes that it brings everyone together keeping all the egos and clashes aside. “It has already been 2 years to Rang Raas and I can’t believe people have shown immense love to the song. I am extremely grateful to the people who have always supported me in my journey throughout. Rang Raas is one such song in my library which touched the hearts of the people with its amazing lyrics”, said Nandlal. The song was a massive hit with having got more than 480K views on his official YouTube channel.

While talking about his love for the festival of Holi, he revealed that it transcends age and gender thus bringing everyone together in the society. Moreover, he even got nostalgia about his childhood while celebrating the festival. He said, “When I was a kid, availability of colours, pichkari and other materials was limited. We used colours made from special stones and mixed it with water. Buckets were used to throw water on each other, and it was really fun.” When asked about his upcoming works, Nandlal Chhanga said that he is working on something special and will reveal it soon.

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