Six school friends reunite to dig up time capsule two decades later

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK
The six friends reunited to discover what their teenage selves buried back in 1997 (SWNS)

A group of school friends unearthed a time capsule of 90s memories they buried over 20 years ago - featuring accurate predictions of their future lives.

The six friends decided to hide the container as 15-year-old girls to capture memories of their childhood friendships on February 13, 1997.


But as the years went by Gemma Lynch, Emma Page, Sian McGreary, Gemma Albiston, Gemma Roughsedge and Katy Wynne, lost touch after leaving school.

The collection of memorabilia featured posters of men they fancied such as pop star Peter Andre.

The friends pictured in 1997 (SWNS)

It also contained Twiglets, Wrigleys Extra chewing gum, coins and copies of Just Seventeen magazine with a young Holly Willoughby on the cover.

The girls also buried diary entries and hand-written notes predicting each others future lives, such as their careers.

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It was only when Emma, who was given the idea from an episode of Blue Peter, contacted the girls on Facebook that the gang were reunited for the first time in years.

The 37-year-old women returned to Helsby Hill, in Helsby, Cheshire, on July 27 in search of their old memories, armed with shovels and metal detectors.

The girls discovered some of their future predictions were amazingly accurate (SWNS)

The gang were then left "screaming with joy" after they unearthed the steel cylinder, before taking it back to Sian's parents' home to reminisce with a bottle of prosecco.

Incredibly, the former Helsby High School students discovered they had managed to predict four of their future careers with pinpoint accuracy.

Emma, a primary school teacher from Kelsall, Cheshire, said she felt "goosebumps" when they uncovered the capsule they buried as teenagers.


The mum-of-two said: "It was a goosebumps moment when we found it. It took about 20 minutes to dig it up and it was a feeling of elation for all of us.

"We took up some prosecco to celebrate and it was such an emotional day but in a good way. The whole day was a rollercoaster of emotions and laughter.

"There was a copy of Just Seventeen magazine, which was the magazine we used to all read at the time.

The friends dug up the capsule some 22 years after they buried it (SWNS)

"Funnily, when we opened it, on the cover was Holly Willoughby, she must have been 15-years-old at the time and must have been a clothing model.

"As we looked back at the stuff, it was a reflection of how the times have changed.

"We had captured who we were at the time. We used to write little letters to each other, if one of us went into another lesson.


"We wrote things about each other and predictions and some of those were correct. There was a lot in there significant to us, it was about our friendship group.

"It was interesting to look back on it after 22 years and see how people would do things differently now.

"It's strange to think so long has passed and some of us haven't seen each other for about 10 years and yet nothing had really changed with us - it was a brilliant day."

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