Skin more at risk of clogged pores and dryness if you commute on public transport, says award-winning facialist

Lauren Clark
A facialist has warned that commuting my public transport can "stress" skin out [Image: Getty]
A facialist has warned that commuting my public transport can "stress" skin out [Image: Getty]

If you travel by public transport to work every day, your skin could be at greater risk of issues like breakouts, dryness, red patches, dullness and premature ageing.

Chelsee Lewis, an award-winning London-based facialist, has warned that commuting can take a toll on your complexion.

She explained that being in close proximity to public transport - like trains, buses and the Tube - can expose us to greater “daily pollution grime” and “free radical damage”.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the expert said: “Particles are 20 times smaller when traveling on the Tube. That gets into the pores.

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“This can upset the skin barrier causing problems such as premature ageing, congestion, dryness.

“Symptoms can also include red patches, sensitive ,irritated, flaky itchy and dull skin.”

Chelsee added that pollution “breaks down collagen” meaning there’s a lack of it on public transport which leaves our skin “very stressed”.

This in turn “cuts oxygen supply” to cells meaning they don’t work as “efficiently”.

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The skin expert recommends looking after your face by investing in an SPF 50 and Vitamin C serum, along with a good-quality daily moisturiser.

She also advises double-cleansing in the evening, and using masks and exfoliating on a regular basis.

To protect your skin she suggests purchasing special anti-pollution skincare which contain antioxidants to combat oxidative damage.

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And she is also a fan of booking in for a facial every three to six weeks to monitor skin health.

In April, we revealed that online searches for anti-pollution skincare, that protects against urban environmental damage, are up by 73 per cent.

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