Skin care tips to follow before and after a workout

These habits will ensure you have healthy, glowing skin along with a healthy body.

Skip the makeup
Wearing makeup while working out is a strict no-no. Makeup blocks your pores and its important your skin should be able to breathe when you’re exercising. Also, the makeup will mix with your sweat creating an unhealthy combination that won’t do your skin any good. So prep your face by cleansing it of all makeup before you hit the gym. Then apply a light moisturiser and a lip balm to hydrate your skin.

Don’t forget sunscreen
Remember to apply sunscreen before heading for your workout. This advice isn’t just for those heading out for a run, walk, or any other outdoor exercise, but also for those working out in a gym. You need sunscreen anytime your skin is exposed to visible light, even if it’s from the windows in your gym. Apply it generously all over your face and any other exposed parts of your body. Opt for a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays. Apply sunscreen around 30 minutes before heading out, and you need to apply it even when it’s cloudy outside as the sun’s rays can still penetrate your skin, causing damage. Also, reapply the sunscreen after you have washed up at the end of your workout, as the sunscreen you applied earlier is gone thanks to all the sweating.
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Keep your hands away from your face
Yes, you read that right. Gym machines and instruments are often covered in other people’s sweat. By touching these surfaces you’re increasing the chances of spreading bacteria and germs. That’s enough reason to avoid touching your face with the same hands during a workout. You don’t want any of that bacteria coming anywhere hear your face. Instead carry a face towel with you to wipe off the sweat. It’s also a good idea to carry anti-bacterial wipes and wipe down a machine or any equipment you’re likely to come in contact with before using it. And once you’re done with the machine/equipment, do the next user a courtesy and wipe down the surfaces you have touched.
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Don’t over-exfoliate
We understand the need to be squeaky clean after sweating it out at the gym. But be gentle when cleansing your face. Often people are too aggressive and over exfoliate when washing up after a workout. Resist the urge to do so. Aggressive exfoliation can irritate and dehydrate your skin, aggravating acne and maybe even cause skin conditions like eczema. Even a gentle cleanser will work to wash away sweat, so pick your product wisely. Wash off with cold water to give your skin a chance to cool down after the workout.
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Moisturise well
Once you’ve washed up, it’s time to slather on a moisturiser. You need to replenish the water your skin lost due to all the sweating during your workout. Rehydrate your skin with a rich cream that absorbs easily into your skin. If you’re prone to breakouts, opt for an oil-free moisturiser. Remember to give your limbs some TLC as well.