Here’s Your New Skincare Routine For The Winter Months, A Courtesy Of Red Velvet’s Joy!

Ruchita Ushakola
·1-min read

Joy, one of the beauty from k-pop girl group who’s charming in and out reveals her harsh skincare routine in request through her fans.

Recently, Park Soo sat with Allure Korea for a O&A session as Ask Allure for their YouTube channel. Where 24 year-old girl answered a bund of questions about her lifestyle, fashion choices and her skincare routine revealing was main highlight of this session.

As one of her fan asked, Can you give us your tip for skincare in winter? And then she went so saying that her makeup preferences changes according to the seasons. Joy explained, “Oh, whenever the season changes, my skin just acts out. It’s not that bad, but the makeup that used to fit me well suddenly doesn’t feel right on my skin. And because the dryness is different from season to season, I have to pick makeup products based on the season.”

Keep that in mind girls, as per her statement we should change products according to the season after season.

It is not over yet; singer has further given tips to avoid dryness during winters. Park Soo-young said, “So, during winter, I always focus on moisturizing. If in the summer I used the least amount of skincare products, I think in the winter I use around 4 or 5 [products]! It’s too dry otherwise.”

Checkout the full Q&A video in below: