Skincare tips for women who love makeup

Here’s how to care for your skin if you’re a makeup junkie.

Remove makeup thoroughly
It’s essential to remove all traces of your makeup before hitting the sack. This is true whether you’re a girl who loves her vanity case or prefers to just swipe on some lipstick. Leftover makeup can cause clogged pores and damage your skin in the long run. You need to ensure that absolutely no stubborn makeup left behind. So just using a makeup wipe no longer cuts it. You need to have a good cleansing routine.
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Get on the double cleansing bandwagon
This simple, but effect Korean cleansing routine will remove all traces of makeup and impurities, giving you a deep cleanse. It involves first breaking down makeup with an oil-based cleanser, and then washing it all off with a water-based foam or gel cleanser. This two-step cleanse will gently remove makeup without stripping your skin.
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Be gentle around the eyes
Remember, the skin around your eyes is the thinnest and quite delicate. So you need to be gentle when removing stubborn mascara and kohl. Avoid tugging motions so as to not stretch your skin and lay the groundwork for more wrinkles. If you’re the sort who loves eye makeup, then invest in makeup removers especially formulated for the eye area. Opt for formulas that don’t irritate the skin and have soothing ingredients. Also, give the products time to work their magic. Soak your cotton pad in eye makeup remover and hold it over your eyes for while so as to give the product time to penetrate. Use light motions to wipe away your eye makeup and mascara.

Pamper your skin with some TLC
Constant use of makeup can be tough on your skin. So you need to set aside some dedicated TLC time every week. This is apart from your everyday skincare routine. Opt for face masks with clay, charcoal or mud so as to draw out impurities, absorb excess oil, and purify the skin. Avoid scrubbing if you’ve got sensitive skin. And remember to take off the mask before it’s completely dry. If you’ve got dry or sensitive skin you might want to skip a face mask and put on a sheet mask to gently rejuvenate your skin. These regular sessions provide much-needed TLC to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.
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Clean makeup tools regularly
We’ve all felt the urge to put off cleaning our makeup brushes and sponges. It’s not a task we love. But by using dirty makeup tools we’re transferring the dead skin cells, dirt, and oils present on our tools onto our skin. Definitely not a good idea, especially since this will lead to clogged pores and breakouts. If that doesn’t put you off, dirty makeup tools are also a potential breeding ground for bacteria. So you need to wash your foundation and concealer tools at least once a week and your eye makeup tools at least twice a month.

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