Skincare tips to keep your skin healthy all summer

summer skincare

Transition flawlessly from winter to summer with these slight changes to your routine.

As the season changes your skin’s requirements are changing to. After the cold winter months, humidity might seem like a good thing, till you take a look at your sweaty, shiny face. What you need are some easy tips to deal with the sun and all the other problems that come with the heat, like blocked pores and breakouts. Here are some handy tips to tweak your skincare routine to so that you’re fresh and glowing all summer long!

Tweak your cleansing routine
A sweaty oily face doesn’t have to be your constant summer companion. Avoid a creamy cleanser if your skin is oily. Foaming and gel cleansers are great for the summer. They provide a deep clean and help break down the excess sebum toning down the greasy look. However, make sure the cleanser doesn’t dry out your skin. Also, don’t scrub really hard when washing your face. Your skin produces oil that keeps it hydrated by sealing in moisture. When you scrub a little roughly, you end up stimulating the oil glands, which in turn produce more oil! So be gentle, and use skin cleansers that don’t dry or irritate your skin.

Switch to lighter moisturisers
In summer, your skin needs to feel light without anything clogging your pores so that they can breathe. Clear pores mean lesser breakouts. But that doesn’t mean you skip your moisturiser! Just don’t use a heavy, cream-based one. Instead switch to an oil-free or water/gel-based moisturiser, as it has a lighter formula and won’t cause clogging. However, if you have really dry, flaky skin, then you’ve got no option but to use a cream-based moisturiser as it will help in hydration.

Double up on SPF
Sunscreen is an absolute must in the summer. Do not step out of your house without it! In fact, layer it on some more if you’re stepping out in direct sunlight. And don’t think a moisturiser or foundation with SPF is enough. It really isn’t. You need to a separate sunscreen layer to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. Protect your face, neck, arms, hands, legs, and any other part of the body that’s exposed. If you’re planning to be outdoors for a longer time, re-apply your sunscreen every two hours.

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Cut down on the exfoliation
Getting rid of dry, dead skin feels amazing, but you’re doing to have to take it down a notch in summer. Over-exfoliation can strip your skin of its natural hydrating layer, which makes it very sensitive to the heat, sun, dirt, and grime. This can cause inflammation, dryness, and other skin problems. Exfoliate only one or twice a week during the summer, and use a gentle scrub. Once you’re done remember to moisturise with a hydrating cream and slather on some SPF to shield it from the sun!

Go easy on the makeup
Cakey makeup that streaks when you sweat and clogs your pores isn’t pleasing for anyone. Give your heavy foundations a break in the summer. Opt for BB or CC creams that provide coverage but are light on the skin. If you’re putting on a fair bit of makeup, use a primer to avoid meltdowns, and use a setting spray to lock your look in place. Check your makeup bag and make sure you’re using waterproof makeup products as they’re long-wear and won’t run in the sweltering heat.

Photograph: Darren Mark Domirez/Flickr