Skulls and Roses Web Series Review: Redefining relationships

The emergent youth seem to take relationships very lightly. They appear to flounce the very essence of this wondrous institution of love. They have only nuanced the term in its good times, but tailspins downwards when the couple hits the bad times and keep from forming the bedrock to a more solid institution.

But the fact remains; that couple only emerges strongly when they put the relationship through a test! After comprehending the above-mentioned issues faced by the youth in today’s time, Raghu Ram and Raghav Laxman conceptualised the reality show titled, Skulls and Roses. The first season, comprising of 10 episodes, has gone live on Amazon Prime since August 30, 2019.

The essence

This high-roller reality show comes alive with a picturesque backdrop. The show is shot amidst the panoramic vistas of South Africa. Sixteen single participants, comprising of eight youthful and sturdy men; and eight hot, bold, bikini clad women groove in becoming part of the show.

The contestants hail from different parts of the country and from different walks of life. The bold demeanour of each of the participants could shell-shock viewers putting them in a tizzy, but at the same time it could entice viewers to binge on the show right till the end.

Audience reception

Considering it is the famous duo who have handled the Roadies, they received much clout in just a few hours of the show going live. According to P. Dhingra, an enthusiastic viewer and a financial analyst, “I find myself glued to the telly while watching Bigg Boss and other reality shows.

Skulls and Roses has a very different format, which is indeed interesting to watch, and at the same time imparts a certain take-away for the viewers.” Though the show caters only to a certain target audience, it could have been intellectually conceptualised to attain much more.

The format

Raghu’s Rose Island imparts a heavenly feel. The island is idyllically suited for budding lovers, as it imbues the emphatic essence of romance and togetherness. The challenges there test a couple’s chemistry both at a physical and a physiological level.

Raghav’s Skull Island, on the other hand, metes out the hardships; where the couples are put through a rigorous physical grind; very similar to that of Who Dares Wins.

The prison-like lifestyle forces contestants to wean off of their basic necessities, and they are asked to brave unheard of challenges. According to Raghav Laxman, “Contestants have gone through rigorous health tests. The team has run a toothcomb while conducting background checks, and only then have they been asked to come on the show.”


The concept is indeed refreshing and redefines the very being of a reality show. The show compels participants to check on the three pillars of psychology within themselves — that is the id, ego and super-ego. The show does suffer from some editorial pitfalls during post-production. Which is precisely why it could be earning slightly less in terms of a rank.