The Sky Is Pink Music Composer Mikey McCleary’s Shares His Experience On Working Shonali Bose


From creating Ad Jingles to the World Cup Anthem and from Live shows to Bollywood composing, Mikey McCleary has captured a wide spectrum and created a space from himself in the music arena. He now shares the journey forward with some of his finest tunes coming up :

How was your experience working with Shonali once again for “The Sky is Pink”?
– She is a director who I have a lot of respect for and I feel we share a very similar aesthetic sense. I’m thrilled to have worked with her again and was a wonderful experience overall.

What did you keep in mind while putting together the score of the film?
The music score can really change the way a film is perceived. I treated this film as a celebration of a remarkable life. There are obviously many emotions involved but overall the tone is uplifting.

Recently the film received a standing ovation in Toronto. Please share your views.
This is exciting and bodes well for the film because film festival audiences are very discerning and are only interested in the quality of the film rather than the start power.

In your opinion how much credit goes to the score and the music in the success of a film
The score accentuates the emotions of the script and gives the viewer a more immersive experience. Having a good director to work with is an added advantage in the process of making the score.

What about “The sky is pink” do you personally relate you
I obviously can’t talk about the content of the film as the main release is still to come but it’s a film that relates to people across the board. It touches all the fundamental things in our lives – loved ones and our relationships.

Any part of the film/ any aspect of the film you found challenging to add a background to?
Once again I can’t really give away any film content but the biggest challenge is to find the main theme music that represents the soul of the film. This took me a while but once I had composed the right piece then everything else flowed nicely from there.

Any other Bollywood projects in the pipeline?
A Netflix original film called ‘Maska’ plus I’m working on the 2nd season of the Amazon series ‘Four More Shots Please’.

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