Skye Drynan’s House of Skye Is a Lifetime Dream Come True

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Skye Drynan, a former Wall Street financier and designer, is a rare combination of talent and grit married with the tenacity not to let one’s dream die. Out-of-the-box thinking combined with a make-it-happen attitude drives a person from one occupation to the next in harmony with one’s calling till the dream comes true. Much like Paul Gauguin, who was a stockbroker from the age of 23 till he turned 34 and decided to trade a well-paid job for an insecure, illusionary occupation of a painter, later to become a world-renowned artist representing a whole epoch in the history of modern art, Skye spent over twenty years in finance and biotech. Yet all this time, she dreamed of fashion since she was a child. The world of innovative clothing design has always been the backdrop for what she was doing at the moment. So, after over more than twenty successful years in finance, Skye finally dedicated herself entirely to fashion. Her creative mind and colorful imagination set to work on one-of-a-kind high-fashion clothing intertwined with novel patented designs. Having started from scratch in 2016, she has propelled her House of Skye fashion house to the position of a sensation in the fashion business. Her innovative women’s and men’s Bareback line and star-studded Dulce Bestia couture clothing are the House of Skye’s flagship brands.

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The duality of Skye’s calling manifests itself in her flamboyant signature brand Dulce Bestia—Sweet Beast in Spanish launched in 2020: being a beast and a sweetie, a loved babe now and a feral ‘beast’ at the next moment. We are all made of controversies, and Skye has a way of showing it in her fashion art. The brand is not for everybody; it is for “someone who is confident and appreciates craftsmanship and loves ingenuity within the piece itself is the Dulce Bestia customer,” explains Skye. She goes on, “We’re definitely a peacock brand, so if you don’t want to stand out, we’re probably not your cup of tea! Someone who is confident and appreciates artisanal clothing is a perfect fit with Dulce Bestia.”

Skye finds inspiration in the things surrounding her. Her Montana hometown’s snow-covered landscape inspired the stunning piece for Gwen Stefani. Gwen recently wore an incredible beaded, fringe, silver sparkly outfit for her appearances on The Voice. “In the morning, if you get a sunny day, you end up getting these willow trees that are covered with ice, and it looks like crystal fringe hanging off the branches. For me, Gwen Stefani’s outfit makes me think of a bedazzled superhero on the one hand and the beauty of nature and ice I grew up with on the other. Montana is the land of snow and ice, but also of sparkle,” says Skye seeing sparkles where others don’t.

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Dulce Bestia’s clothes were also spotted lately at Korbel Carnaval, Anita wearing a Dulce Bestia crystal-encrusted corset, the Premio Lo Nuestro awards ceremony, where Prince Royce shone in a metallic artisanal tailored suit. Carrie Underwood also stunned the HBO Special in an exquisite French opaline beaded Dulce Bestia gown. Those are just a few events where Dulce Bestia was spotted. The recent American Country Music Awards ceremony in April was graced with Skye’s glamorous fashion, too: Elle King and Miranda Lamber donned her fringe Dulce Bestia crystal-studded jackets and bodysuits complemented with wild sunglasses, fun earrings, and a customized Barbie Pink light-up guitar case.

Skye’s other fashion project that debuted in 2021—the technical yet undeniably sexy SexyBack Bra—marries fashion and functionality in the backless transformer bra. The marvel of fashion and engineering feats is backed by six patents in 111 countries and counting.

To find out what’s next for the House of Skye’s Dulce Bestia and Bareback, stay tuned to their website. As a hint, to continue the ‘bestial’ theme, they are also getting ready to roll out a Snow Beast collection later this year.