Sleep-deprived and prone to anxiety, depression? A handy guide to relax and unwind!

Physical and mental health can deteriorate if a person does not get adequate sleep. (Representative image)

By Pooja Priyamvada

When the festive season kicks in globally and especially in India, all calendars move into high gear and even workplaces tend to become busier anticipating the time off in subsequent weeks. There is an increase of social events at work as well to celebrate the season. Sometimes all this frantic social activity might lead to stress, anxiety and depression.

A few practical and effective ways to manage these social and professional pressures are listed below:

Sleep well: Research indicates that sleep deprivation often severely impacts a person's mood. Physical and mental health can deteriorate if a person does not get adequate sleep. So it is important to have a good sleep routine and address insomnia issues if any in order to have a good day.

Stick to routine: Being flooded with a host of invitations and social events around the festivals another aspect of daily life that suffers the most is a person's routine. Sticking to a set routine makes anyone feel in control and reduces social anxiety as well.

Make a personal budget: One of the commonest stressors that festivals bring is how much you spend. It is thus crucial to set a budget and adhere to it. Overextending oneself financially is not good for your economic situation as well as mental health. Remember, love and gratitude need not be reduced to expensive gifts but genuine tokens that can be inexpensive too.

Not overindulging in food or addictive substances: Binge eating is common during festivals so is pouring a drink but these do not relieve the stress and anxiety. What might actually help is exercise, meditation and spending "me" time along with interacting with loved ones.

Schedule your work right: Working around the festivals can make one survive the festive season better workwise. All monotonous and repetitive work for days you feel low and attempt creative and complex assignments for good mental health days.

Also, festivals must be perceived as a time to have human connection and interactions even in workplaces. It is the perfect time to share the warmth of traditions at work too.

Pooja Priyamvada is an avid blogger,columnist on mental health and a social media enthusiast. Views expressed are the author's own.