Slumdog Millionaire Actor Madhur Mittal Finds Support In #MeToo Victim Karan Oberoi; Latter Says, 'I Feel His Pain' - EXCLUSIVE

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Actor-singer Karan Oberoi who was embroiled in an ugly sexual harassment case in 2019 where a woman accused him of blackmail among other things, knows the pain of being wrongly accused.

His heart reaches out to actor Madhur Mittal who has been accused of rape and assault by his former live-in girlfriend. Says Karan, “We need to go back to the basics of why two people who have always loved each other and just because they can’t stay together for whatever reasons ,one of them can’t be destroying the other’s life forever because things didn’t work out between them.They are now going to ridiculous lengths to settle scores.”

Karan feels the urgent need for laws pertaining to gender crimes to be rectified. “The law seems to be turning a blind eye. This misuse of the law by one gender will only create fear dysfunctional relationships in the future, robbing the innocence and purity a relationship based on pure love ought to have.”

Perhaps getting a document signed before physical intimacy stating it to be consensual is the solution?

Karan avers, “Even that may not hold true in court saying it was coerced. We can’t be basing our interactions with the opposite gender on calculations and machinations. If a quick amendment is not created, it will ruin millions of lives and also create a fear psychosis in people who are in relationships.”

Karan doesn’t want to come across as a chronic gender-defender. “My only apprehension is that I don’t want to be one of those who are quick to jump to defending my gender. But when another man goes through what I have, I feel his pain. I just hope and pray that the real truth prevails.”

Image source: Instagram/karanoberoiofficial/vladyslav_miliy

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