Ikea Has All of the Space-Saving Furniture Your Small Bedroom Needs - For Cheap!

Haley Lyndes

If you've been pushed to the tiny bedroom in the back of your apartment (like myself), live in a dorm, or just could use some creative storage solutions - we hear you, and we're here to help! There are a slew of reasons for compact living situations, but the biggest problem? Cramming our clothes, accessories, bed, dresser, and every other living essential into a minuscule resting area. It's certainly not easy or ideal, but Ikea has some space-saving solutions that we think can help. From multipurpose furniture staples like bed frames with built-in drawers to life-changing storage savers like exposed closets and hanging organizers, there's so much to choose from. If you're ready to ditch that pile of miscellaneous crap for a tidy space, then have a look at these cheap storage solutions ahead!


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