Smallest Baby Born? Baby Cherry Weighed Just 375 Grams at Birth

India’s and South East Asia’s smallest baby, Cherry is home now. She was born at a Hyderabad hospital weight just 375 grams at the time of birth. At the time of discharge her weight had gone up to 1.98 kgs and doctors say she has a good chance of survival.

Her mother Nitika was 24 weeks pregnant when she approached doctors with complications. With 4 previous miscarriages behind them, they didn’t want to take a chance.

The couple from Chattisgarh approached Rainbow Hospital in Hyderabad, that had previously saved a premature baby who weighed 449 grams.

According to this article in The Hindu, the baby survived despite being born 4 months early. A multi-disciplinary team of experts led by Dr Dinesh Kumar Chirla, are credited with this feat. At the time of her birth, Cherry was the size of a human hand!

She was discharged after 128 days in the hospital.

While #SmallestBabyBorn is trending, Cherry may not be the smallest in the world. Doctors believe Baby Cherry has a good chance at thriving.

(With inputs from The Hindu)

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