Smart car driver pulled over as vehicle was so full of household objects they couldn't reach pedals

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK
The Smart car German cops stopped from continuing its journey after they found it was completely packed full of household items - including around the pedals (CEN)

German police were left shocked when they pulled over a German Smart Car packed so full with household items the pedals and windscreen were blocked.

A range of items, including everything from a sunshade to a cooler box were found crammed into the petite electric car.

The 52-year-old Smart car driver from Lithuania, who has not been named in, was stopped by police at a motorway service station along the A9 motorway in the small town of Hof, Bavaria.

The driver's view out of the windscreen was severely blocked due to the sheer amount of items packed into the vehicle.

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Random items packed into the driver's footwell included a cool box, a car battery and a sunshade, which could hinder the driver from being able to safely reach the pedals.

The passenger seat was piled up to the ceiling with household items which were not secured in the car.

After further investigation, officers also found the car did not have a valid registration.

The unlucky driver was also unable to produce a driving licence.

The motorist was stopped from continuing his journey and he now faces multiple charges including offences against the German vehicle-admission-ordinance as well as other transport laws.

Further investigations will be carried out to see whether the man has a valid driving license.

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