With A Smiling Face, UTE Is Ready To Conquer The Stage

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Where there’s a will, there is a way. Some lives exemplify this saying and the German- American singer/songwriter UTE is one of them.

For those who know her, UTE’s story has been nothing but inspiring. In the last few years, she found a rapid surge in fame. UTE’s affair with music began when she was merely 4 years old. She recalls this passion as a burning desire – she could never have enough music. From road trips to the backside garden, there was always music to accompany here. Music gave her a lot, and eventually, she decided to return the favour. Overcoming the hurdles along her way, she decided to become a singer. Thus, UTE was born.

One of UTE’s most remarkable trait as a singer is her ability to command a stage. From the outside, she might look like a timid, soft-spoken lady, but don’t be fooled by that. As soon she is on the stage, it becomes her arena. Her humour and quips have the ability to keep the audience hooked even between songs. And her music, of course, can charm anyone. It’s no surprise that she has been a regular attraction before every Kiel Baltic Hurricanes game. Even when the audience is supercharged or not in a particularly good mood, UTE works her magic nonetheless. Last year, she gave a performance at Eckernförde. Despite few listeners – and some of them not in a very sporting mood – she elated everyone by the end of her performance.

But her magnetism on stage is not the only reason why the artist has such a huge fanbase. Unlike most other music artists who focus too hard on creating songs that are “catchy”, UTE prefers class. Some might confuse this with pretentiousness or music that only the elite could enjoy. However, in UTE’s case, it could not be further from the truth. Her compositions focus on minimalism, trying to convey the most meaning with little words. Each word she chooses for her songs is carefully selected, like poetry. Another thing she focuses on is creating songs that are relaxing and smooth for whoever hears them. Once again, this is in line with her minimalistic style of music.

UTE generally uses saxophone, cello and a guitar (acoustic or electric) in her songs. Each instrument plays a unique role and conveys a particular meaning – something that long-time listeners would certainly understand. In her journey towards musical finesse, she had the support of many musical talents. One of them was Kurt Wipfli, her producer and a Grammy award winner. Like Wipfli, she too tries to impart deeper meanings to the lyrics of her songs. UTE was also coached by James Comerford of the Texas Lightning.

But what exactly is it that makes UTE such a fine musician? There is talent, indeed, but there is also much more than that. The singer has spent almost her entire life polishing her skills in music. This is perhaps one of her strongest virtues – patience and determination. When she puts her mind to it, she never backs down – she will relentlessly pursue the goal, no matter the time or efforts. In the world of music, rockstars bloom and wither away as frequently as flowers in the garden. UTE doesn’t want to be like that; she wants a legacy that might endure beyond her. With unfailing optimism and a bright smile, the only way she looks is forward.

UTE has a long discography behind her, and she has every intention to expand it fast enough. Her latest song, produced by Kurt Wipfli, is titled “Happiness Together”. Like all her songs, this too carries an important message: the menace of bullying that affects millions of young souls every single day. Despite the touching subject, it is filled with a positive vibe that could instil inspiration in any ear that hears it. With more than a million views on YouTube since it was released, the song has already touched many hearts. The film Teenage Girl- Valerie’s Holiday” will also feature that song. UTE is also almost ready to release another single, called “Santa Is Knocking At My Door”, to get you in the Christmas mood. A documentary based on her life, “Music Makes Me Fly”, is also set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video.

It seems that UTE’s Christmas has begun early this year. You can follow UTE on Instagram, Spotify and YouTube.

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