Will Smith’s Gemini Man Movie Review

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Movie: Gemini Man

Director:  Ang Lee

Writers: David Benioff (Story + Screenplay), Billy Ray (Screenplay) & Darren Lemke (Story+Screenplay)

Cast: Will SmithMary Elizabeth WinsteadClive OwenBenedict WongDouglas Hodge

Ratting: 3.5/5

Ang Lee who is known for his films like Brokeback Mountain and Life of Pi, surely engage the audience once again with his visionary film with legendary Will Smith. With the amazing use of CGI and innovative de-aging softwares makes Will Smith add an extra layer of spectacular visuals. The plot of film is bit predictable but watching the face off between both double of Will Smith is worth experiencing.


Henry Brogan (Will Smith) is an experienced and accurate sniper who works for the United States’ DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency). With over a dozen kills under his belt, he decides to retire and soon finds out that it won’t come easy. Henry comes across some information that he shouldn’t know and his former boss Clay Verris then sends his finest fighter to take him down. As the two assassins fight it out, they realize that the other can seemingly predict their every move. That’s when Henry finds out that the assassin Clay sent for him is actually his own clone, only two decades younger. Joined by another agent, he must win the fight against none other than himself.

What We Liked?

Watching Will Smith in dual role and that too made for action lovers, thrill seekers and suckers for unique concepts is such a treat. The script of the movie was supposedly floating around since the last 22 years and now as it finally hit the screens. Henry Brogan, an ageing elite government assassin and Junior, a young clone of Henry. The spectacular thing about this movie is the way they managed to make Will Smith look younger for Junior’s role and if we talk about the action scenes, let us tell you, you’ll be left wanting for more. Graphics and Visuals are top notch because Lee choose shoot film at 120 Frames Per Second (FPS).

What We Didn’t Like?

We were expecting the movie to be full of suspense with twists and turns but the plot for the movie is predictable. Surely it is thrilling watching face off between Henry and Junior but story should have had more suspense.

Verdict: Gemini Man deserves to be watched on big screen because of its novel concept and spectacular visuals.

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