Smokin': Seth Rogen's First Book, 'Yearbook,' Is Out May 11

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NEW YORK: Just when you thought Seth Rogen couldn’t get any higher.

The actor, comedian, filmmaker and proud stoner has a deal with Crown the same Penguin Random House imprint that publishes the Obamas for his first book. It’s called Yearbook and it’s scheduled for May 11.

Rogen is also reading the audiobook, which comes out the same day.

In a statement from the publisher Wednesday purported to be from Rogen’s mother, Sandy, she calls his literary endeavor not really a memoir but more like “a bunch of funny stories.

He talks about doing stand-up when he was a kid (I drove him to all his shows!), his grandparents, high school, moving to L.A., meeting some famous people, things like that. If Im being honest, I really wish there wasnt so much drug talk, Seth’s mom supposedly says.

Why does he need all that? Its like We get it! And some of the stories? I mean, theyre entertaining, but I was just shocked they happened and he never told me!