Smriti Khanna's Husband, Gautam Gupta Shares Cute Pictures Of Her With Newborn Daughter And Pooch (

A woman becomes a mother, the day she sees the red lines on her pregnancy test kit. The nine-month are just the trailer of her life ahead and once the baby enters her world, her entire being changes. There is no magical feeling than to hold your own creation in your arms. From feeling your baby's first kick to holding their tiny finger, a mother is born. For her, every day is a mother's day. She starts looking for ways to make her kids happy and in the midst of it, she forgets to take a break. Well, that's pretty much sums up the extraordinary life of our mommies across the world. And on the occasion of Mother's Day, we are saluting and thanking all the mommies, who made us and we know that whatever we are, it is all because of your selfless love. (Recommend Read: Shweta Tiwari's Daughter, Palak Talks About Her Mom And The Personal Battles She Faced In Her Life)

An exactly similar relationship is brewed between television's favourite actress, Smriti Khanna and her newborn baby girl. Smriti had shared with her fans, the glimpses of her beautiful nine-months of pregnancy and her fans had also anxiously waited for her baby's arrival. The got overjoyed when the actress had shared that 'It's a baby girl'. Since then, we all look forward to her Instagram feed to get a glimpse of her motherhood journey.

Smriti Khanna

On May 10, 2020, Smriti Khanna's husband, Gautam Gupta took to her Instagram handle to wish the new mommy on Mother's Day. He shared a couple of pictures with her and their baby girl. But one picture that stood out was of Smriti holding her little munchkin while their pooch lovingly looked at the little wonder. Gautam captioned the picture as "Happy First Mother’s Day my love!" Take a look at it below:

Smriti Khanna

A few days ago, Smriti had taken to her Instagram handle and had revealed her angel's unique name which means powerful. The actress had posted an adorable first family picture from the hospital room. In the picture, we could see Gautam clicking the selfie while Smriti held her baby in her arms, who was amusingly looking at her daddy. Alongside the picture, Smriti had written, "Anayka, #family #firstfamilypic #daddysgirl." (Also Read: Raveena Tandon Talks About Her Equation With Her Adopted Daughters And Her Important Advice For Them)

Smriti Khanna

In an exclusive interview with, Smriti had shared how her husband, Gautam had reacted when he had found out about her pregnancy. The actress had shared that he wasn't able to believe the news as she had pranked him before. The actress had shared, "It was a planned pregnancy but obviously for every parent, it is overwhelming once you get the big news. I had pranked Gautam before so he was a bit confused when I told him this time." (Don't Miss: Sania Mirza's Son, Izhaan Pretends To Like Morning Cuddles For His Mom's Sake, Proves To Be Best Son)

Well, we love Gautam's way of wishing Smriti on her first Mother's Day! 

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