Here’s a sneak peak into the attractive and talked about lifestyle of Indian Rap Artist Young Zwann

Maithili Shinde
·1-min read

Young Zwann, an Indian rap artist who enjoys a huge following on social media  is loved by his fans not just for his music but also for his swag and style. Zwann, who recently announced his upcoming international single  ‘Dubai Dreams’ with Young Thug’s label  YSL Record’s artist Lil Duke, is gearing up for an international career with a vision to represent India in the global rap scene. 

Zwann, who believes in following ‘Comfort’ as his fashion Mantra, is also said to have a great collection of sneakers and glasses. Recent pictures on Instagram, reflect his passion for these accessories  as he was seen posing in the coolest Avatar. He is also said to have a great collection of hoodies, something that he believes gives him a sense of distinct identity and confidence as a person. While his attire gets the fans talking, his passion for cars is also quite evident, Zwann knows exactly how to carry his swag around and his cool collection of luxury cars are an integral part of his style statement. In a recent interview, Zwann had revealed that driving his favorite distraction from an exhaustive lifestyle. 

Despite having an attractive lifestyle, Zwann is known to be a humble and modest person. Unusual to the rap culture, he is a true family man and holds his family values in highest regard. After making a debut with his track ‘Jung’ collaborating with Indian composer Amaal Mallik, Zwann is much loved by the millenials across India. While fans eagerly wait for his song ‘Dubai Dreams’, Zwann is prepping for an International career with some interesting collaborations in the pipeline.