Is Sneha Wagh The Actual Reason Behind Faisal Khan And Muskaan Kataria’s Split?

Amar Singh Rathore
Is Sneha Wagh The Actual Reason Behind Faisal Khan And Muskaan Kataria's Split?

Various allegations have surfaced up which are claiming that TV actress Sneha Wagh is the real reason behind Faisal Khan and Muskaan Kataria’s break-up post Nach Baliye 9. Read on…

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This statement which was given by famous TV actor Faisal Khan on Thursday broke many hearts and especially one’s. He talked about him parting ways with long time girlfriend Muskaan Kataria and said,

“It is true that we were having a lot of fights before ‘Nach Baliye’, but we hadn’t split then. I wanted to give our relationship a second chance. I was told that reality shows serve as a great platform to know each other better and resolve differences because of the amount of time a couple gets to spend together. But she would fight with me over petty things and I would often be upset about our increasing quarrels.”

On the other hand, when this news got confirmed and Muskaan was asked about the same, she said,

“It’s true that we have broken up and are no more together. But I am really not in a state to talk more about it.”

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Sneha Wagh, who worked with Faisal in a famous TV-show, is now rumored to be the reason behind their split and the rumor mills suggest that Muskaan found out that he was cheating on her behind her back. When asked about the same, Muskaan said,

 “I don’t know what others are saying but my reason of leaving him is very personal which I can’t disclose on a news platform. Honestly speaking, I have seen a very hard time in the past few days.”

Faisal and Sneha got friendly on the sets of Chadragupta Maurya as per reports and Muskaan got to know about this quite late while they appeared as a jodi on the famous dance-reality show Nach Baliye. Interestingly, Sneha playedFaisal’s on-screen mother, Moura in the tv-serial Chandragupta Maurya, Weird, isn’t it?

Let’s wait and watch till we get the official statements from all the three actors and we hope that Muskaan gets rid of all the negativity which is surrounding her.

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