Soccer transforms boys into men: Mike Palacio

Popular Soccer player, Mike Palacio also known as Michael Palacio said that playing the sport is not easy till the time one puts full dedication to it and one who plays the game willingly from their mind and heart can become a popular name in sports industry. He also said today's youth needs to be motivated more about the game.

"Football Skills are designed to help players to improve their technique, with a number of skill tutorial videos providing excellent tips and hints," Mike said in his statement.

"For most people, football is not just a game. Football may not be as big and glorified as it is in Texas, but it certainly isn't underrated anywhere here in the States. For most athletes, football is often how people lay out a path for their lives, filled with emotional highs and the lowest of lows. For some, it is a temporary escape from the real world. For others, football is their whole world. We have all heard it before: football is much more than any other sport, and more than a game," Mike added.

Mike also says that soccer also 'transforms boys into men'.

"Football is a sport that proves that these athletes are much more than helmets and shoulder pads. You may note Corinthians 9:25: 'Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training, they do it to get a crown that will not last; but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.' Here in the States, football is the game that transforms boys into men, the sport that demands discipline, confidence, communication, and the character of each and every team member. Although everyone is out there for a different reason, their reasons bleed together to become so similar. Some men play to win, some play to satisfy the desire, some play for scholarships and opportunities, others play for the feeling, not the feeling of a team but the brotherhood and the feeling of belonging," Mike concluded.