Social activist and Politician Tarun Uppal shares his ideologies

tarun uppal

If our youth arise and act, they have the strength and dynamism to generate a huge transformation in the society. True to the above mentioned, Jammu born Tarun Uppal is the change that you wish to see in the world. It would be an understatement to describe him only as a social activist – he is all that and more! Orator par excellence, clad in simple formals and khadi ensemble, he is epitome of humbleness. His tireless efforts and positive approach to bring justice towards the deprived sections will trigger each one of us to act on account so as to bring justice and welfare to the society.

At a young age of 30, Mr Uppal has already set his roots as an ardent social activist, reformer, social entrepreneur, business tycoon, Corporate personality and a renowned Politician, carving himself into the most influential person in the society. He has set his mark distinctly by serving as National Core Committee Member in Anna Hazare Anti-corruption movement. He is best known in leading movements in various fields, like to promote rural development, increase government transparency, critically analyzing and banquishing corruption in public life, to name a few.

Despite being a meritorious MBA by qualification, extraordinary job offers from the bests in the industry and business ideas aren’t his paramount importance. Tarun Uppal never ceases to follow his dream- TO SERVE THE SOCIETY. He has been serving the society since 2007 while studying. Later, got well acquainted with renowned activist Anna Hazare and religiously followed him in hunger strikes, ‘Dharna’ visits for several causes including 7th pay commission benefits, implementation of Lokpal and many more. This young social influencer, with his persistent efforts, is working the right angles at the right time by visiting various states and associating with prominent change makers of the Country. Some of them are civil rights activist Irom Chanu Sharmila, Hinduttva Activist Sambhaji Bhide alias Bhide guruji, Flying Sikh Padma Shree Milkha Singh ji for empowering children and women, The great Khali to intensify Anti-drug campaign and still counting.

Mr. Uppal’s alliances are particularly striking.

Honorary recognition : Maharashtra Rattangaurav Puraskar 2019 , Best Youth Icon 2019 award by DEFANTASIA For Excellence in the field of Social work & Entrepreneurship, Award of Honour by Bharatiya Kala Sangam, Awarded for contribution in social service by WCMP (2019) and HK Events (2017), Awarded by Bharat Scouts and Guides for contribution in social service. He also got featured in media and public drawing national attention.

Its a privilege and unforgettable experience to be able to have a tete-a-tete with Tarun Uppal! A very grounded person that he is, he manifests warmth and welcome which immediately puts you at ease. And in the course of the dialogue, one learns a lot about compassion, life, humanity, making a difference!

Reporter: How do you describe your journey as a social/political figure?

Tarun Uppal: Its like climbing steep rocky mountain with no harness. It was never an easy way. I just try to express and work for the things I care about. Fight for the rights and betterment of people, places and animals while trying to safeguard the country is all I dream of.

Reporter: How do you think your social interactions and reforms can benefit the society in long run? Can you tell us something about your initiatives or course of actions?

Tarun Uppal: I have a keen interest in initiating and taking part in social activities due to which I have joined various social bodies and took personal initiatives for public, such as- organising charitable camps, providing food and shelter to needy, regular look in on old-age homes and orphanages, carry out animal shelter and adoption programs, initiating social Work funding from self income, running awareness campaigns for causes etc. Currently, my focus is on drives for drug interdiction, women empowerment, youth empowerment and employment, encouraging youth in sports/cultural to compete on national and international level.

Reporter: Being a young achiever and an inspirational figure yourself, what message would you like to deliver to our viewers?

Tarun Uppal: Have faith and take pride in being who you are! There is no one who will understand about your goals better than your own self. Be the change maker in any field you aspire and never stop trying inspite of terrible failures that you might have to face. Never doubt that an individual with thoughtful and committed perspective can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. And yes, once you have gained success, never let it get into your head as it is the very downfall of everything you can think of!

We wish Tarun Uppal right from the core to achieve immense success in all the endeavours and initiatives. Your compassionate and intriguing persona cannot be confined or contained by mere epithets! You are the future of India, make us proud!

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