Social Influencers Julian, Quillan ‘Cue’ Black to open production house in India

Entrepreneurs Julian and Quillan 'Cue' Black scripted their success story together and they are now an inspiration for all the budding businessmen. Their sharp business strategies help them touch the success at a very young age.

Julian and Quillan are childhood friends who dreamt of making their names in the entire business fraternity. Their journey was not a cake walk as they faced several hurdles and hardships. But as it is said hardwork pays off and the same happened with them. They are now not only a successful businessmen but also social influencers.

They are surrounded with all the luxuries but they now not only want to inspire young people but also pave way for them to be successful. Taking a step forward in this regard, they are now eyeing a production house in India where they will give change to new talents to enter the entertainment industry.

Their aim is to give chance to fresh talents and especially to those who have no connections in the entertainment industry but are enriched with talent. Their plan is to produce films and also start some shows in the Indian television.

When asked, Julian said, "We are watching the Indian entertainment industry closely now and I personally felt that there are a lot of talent who are not getting a right break. I feel that if they are given a chance, they have the talent to even challenge the mightiest Bollywood stars."

Quillan said, "Indian entertainment industry has rose to compete new level with some amazing talents entering into it. But I feel that there are still less opportunities for them. Our production house will always give preference to all the aspiring and budding talents."

They are also mentors to several budding businessmen. Both Julian and Quillan helped many young people grow in their businesses and they have now made names in their fields.

Both Julian and Quillan have a huge fan base on social media and have millions of followers on their respective Instagram profiles. They keep on inspiring people to make their lives worth living. They both love travelling and have collection of sports car.

If you are having a tough day at work, just go through their Instagram profiles and you will love to see beautiful travel destinations and lustful speed engines.

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