Social Media Influencer Hardeep Singh is an Inspiration for Aspiring Travellers

Bhangra is a super popular dance form not just in India but all around the world. Hardeep Singh is the person who is teaching Bhangra to people all around the world through his “Pure Bhangra” Group. He provides various services like Bhangra workshops, classes, training, promotions, performances in events, and functions, and they even collaborate with the music artists for the cover songs and choreography for music videos. Anything related to the traditional bhangra services you name it and the Pure Bhangra team will provide you.

Over the past 9years, Hardeep Singh is running “Pure Bhangra” successfully and has trained thousands of people, Bhangra. The Pure Bhangra team is now promoting the tradition and culture. Over these nine years, Hardeep has done tremendous hard work to present the culture of Punjab at the international level. It is the result of his dedication towards his dream and the Punjabi culture legacy that has driven him this long and made his efforts into a huge success. The popularity of Bhangra and Sikh culture that has spread across the world today is something amazing and to be proud of for all the Indians around the world.

Hardeep Singh’s Pure Bhangra has made global success, and its popularity has crossed the boundaries of many countries. He is in Dubai, but they serve and provide their service in many places. The whole middle east is a fan of their fantastic work and performances. His management and his commitment to his work have made him an unstoppable man who is reaching the new heights of success each day. He is a businessman and has an interior designing business. His hobbies include traveling, dancing, and giving speeches. An upcoming bhangra fest is to happen, which is going to be the biggest Punjabi concert in the middle east.

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