New Social Media Platform ‘VLOO’ Takes the Internet by Storm

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We tend to see a fair share of social media platforms come and go faster than we can take a selfie! Very few of these social media platforms becoming popular enough to compete with the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. Many tend to not stick around for very long, even if they were pretty fun.

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The question is… Have you ever heard of VLOO?

VLOO is a brand-new social media platform and it’s already taken off. VLOO provides people with the ability to make money for themselves or charity through their hobbies by creating quality video content, publicly available to view. Lady Paz Ampofo says her aim for this platform was to allow young people to bring out their creative side through their talents, music, fashion, cooking, and any other creative passions people have. VLOO is a unique platform where people can purchase specialized content and allow the creator to work on their craft and earn as much through monetization as possible.

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The platform was created by the young, black entrepreneur Lady Paz Ampofo from Essex, UK. An active advocate for improving mental health and helping young people connect. An abuse survivor and author of the autobiographical ‘Hush Let’s Keep It a Secret’, she has now branched out and created a social media platform.

Lady Paz has always been a creative person who says she wants to allow people to achieve the success they are after through doing the things they love. “We live in a generation where young people are becoming even more creative than ever. I wanted to create VLOO to allow people to showcase their talent and to be able to monetize using a sophisticated platform.”

Young people are finding it harder to get a job than ever before. Most jobs require a great amount of experience and qualifications tend to not be enough. Lady Paz realized this when she previously worked alongside politicians in the city hall. She aimed to increase employability for young people and she says this was her main incentive for creating this platform.

Who knows what the future holds for VLOO? VLOO can increase and boost the UK economy as it will provide reliable income to fuel creative independence and create job opportunities for young people.